Sunday, March 11, 2012


Southern Belle Scentz

So Sponsorships.  I am wanting to add some sponsors to my blog. FOR FREE. No Charge. I am not one of those crazy bloggers who expects people to pay for me to display their buttons.  All I ask in return is if you will display my button on your blog in return.  So Please email me at or leave a comment if you are interested in doing this.  Also, if you need or are wanting to create a button yourself, you can use this tutorial HERE.  It is super easy. I particularly like this one because it shows pictures of what they are wanting you to do and so on.  Just pay close attention to the HTML codes. They can get kind of tricky sometimes. 

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The Barn Hollow said...

I will swap buttons with you Sam, just go to my blog and get mine. I will put yours up today.
Warm Wishes,