Friday, November 18, 2011

So momma and I made this deal last week before my show.  She helped me make tarts in order to get enough done for my show because I was running so short on time and everything. I was either running out of wax, oil, cups.. It will always something. I guess i just hadn't realized how many I had sold. But thats a good thing!  But anywho, so that means I am helping her to little things to get ready for her show. Now I am not nearly as talented as her, but I definetly try!  Like I made these little guys here. Santa Bottle Cap Ornaments.  These make up pretty quick over all and sell wonderful. Everybody loves them. We always take a tree and decorate them with it at the show.  I'm just doing last minute little things to help.
I have a few more treats for y'all coming up soon.  I cannot wait for you to see what is it store!

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Anonymous said...

I love the bottle caps, but love the way you packaged them even more. :) I always seem to run out of suplies for whatever it is I'm working on at the moment. You can never have too many craft supplies. :)