Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Life (:

So I've sent everything in for the ads in Country Sampler. I will be doing two ads instead of only one now. The first ad is my apron show above here along with the matching apron bag holder to go along with it. And the second ad will be of the Sami's Stitchery line. It will have a few stitchery pillows available or the patterns will be available. Chris took me shopping in Orange Park Sunday and we went to Argyle Forest to Joanns and to Walmart. I got some of the cutet fabric for the next aprons I'm going to make. I ended up getting Gator fabric.. you know Home of the Fl Gator Football Team (: and Pink and Green John Deere fabric..bc you know we live in the Country pretty much (: I got some new patterns for aprons this past weekend. I can't wait to start working on them!
We stayed home the rest of the weekend and I worked on the aprons. My Miniture Doberman,Harley, ended up hurting herself again. I feel so bad for her. My vet told me that it is common in little dogs, (mini dobermans, shitzus, yorkies, ect) that when they walk, run, or play too hard sometimes that their kneecap will pop out of place and back into place. Well my little Harley has that problem. She yelps so loud when it happens and the vet wont do anything about in unless it gets bad bc it is a major surgerly apparently. But little Harley is sneaky about it sometimes. When she thinks she isn't getting enough attention or just wants someone to pay attention to her, she will yelp like she is hurt. But 2 seconds later she'll be jumping up and down like nothings wrong wanting a Beggin Strip or she'll be running on all 4s playing the Hurley, my big dog.. Ah gotta love my babies (:

Giveaway Starts Tommorow!!
All you have to do is comment on tommorrows post. Mention the giveaway on your blog. Then I will enter you into the drawing. Drawing will go from tommorrow until Friday! (: Good luck (:

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PatC - All is Bright said...

Hi! Very nice aprons - congrats on your items going in the Country Sampler. Sorry about your dog - I have a shitzus and she has the same problem with her knees popping out sometimes. Not much that we can do about it for now. Good luck with your new adventures. I'll keep checking back and see your cute crafts.

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