Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Last night my puppys couldn't have been any worse. I was on the back bedroom trying to figure out this pattern to sew and then I hear like a can being drug around. I didn't think much of it, I just figured the dogs were playing as usual. Then I hear stuff in my bedroom closet being moved around. I look out of the bedroom and their is Hurley running out of my room with my hairbrush in here mouth. The look on her face was like "uh oh". She stopped dead in her tracks, I walked up to her and she just rolls on her back like she wants me to rub her belly. Ugh. The joys of puppys. Just like kids.

Today after work I'm going shopping at Joanns again and then we are all going out to eat. I need to buy more fabric of course. I bought a bunch last time. But the colors aren't just "right" together. So i'll be seeing what I can find there. Yesterday evening a package arrived for me ups, and it turned out to be my oils for my tarts. I can't wait to start making those this coming weekend. I also have a bunch of stitchery's I have to get done to put on my website along with a few more apron ideas me and mom found. (:

Here is another giveaway you can enter into if you would like. It is for a $40 gift certificate to an Etsy store.
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Carmen The Olde FarmHouse Road said...

Is Sandy writing this or is this really Samantha?????!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL???!!!

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

love the polka dot background. Hope we find lots of goodies tonight. I have our coupons ready to go.

Samantha said...

what do you mean is it really me? yes its me.