Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aprons and Tarts

I went over to my moms today. She showed me how she makes her tarts. Super Easy by the way. Melt the wax. Not too hot and it can't cool down too quickly either. Pour in the dye and the scent. Pour into cup or mold. Its that easy! (: We did six different scents today.
Light pink: Amber Romance Yellow: Buttercream Birthday Cake Light Purple: Lemon Lavender (My absolute favorite. Yes the name does kind of through it off doesn't it. You wouldn't think lemon and lavender would go together well but it does for sure) Red: Apple Cranberry Marmalade White: Clean Cotton Green (Not pictured): Country Bumpkin

Each cup is one ounce. There is two cups per bag. The bags are being sold for $1.00 each plus shipping if bought online. (Look along the right side of my blog.) These tarts were made with the max amount of fragrance that was suggested to be used. They all are very strong scented tarts. Like I said my personal favorite is lemon lavender. It is a soothing and relaxing smell. Clean cotton will remind you of fresh, clean linen. The Amber Romance is a very distinct smell. Kinda powdery, but very feminine.

Me and mom went shopping also this past weekend. We went to Hobby Lobby in St Augustine. I found this apron print fabric. I think it is so cute. I want to make some matching little girls aprons out of it also. This apron print and will be featured on my website when it is finally up. Hopefully in the next week. This particular apron is "Posie's Kitchen" and is aprox 34" x 34". The neck straps are aprox 24" long ea. And the ties are aprox 43.5" long ea. This apron is available for $39.95 ea plus including shipping. Keep checking back for more aprons I have been working on. They will be up on here soon. I have also been working on NEW patterns for the Sami's Stitchery Line. I will have a special price for them here on my blog to help announce the opening on my Website which hopefully will be in the next few weeks. Thank you to who has left me feedback on my poll. Sounds like I need to make some vintage aprons!


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I bet those tarts smell wonderful! Super cute apron!

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...


I would like to order one of the lemon/lavender and one of the clean cotton, but I don't see a button to order on your blog. I have a paypal account. can you email me so I can get them?? You are doing a wonderful job on your aprons!!

Cyn said...

adorable fabric!!! Can't wait for you to get your site up and running..sounds like you have been very busy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the tarts! They sound wonderful! And I downloaded the free patterns! THANK YOU so much! Have a wonderful day! ♥