Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Sale

Momma and I are doing our annual blog sale.  We are getting rid of all our show left overs so we can start fresh for next year!  This includes props used at ours shows, and our crafts.  All prices are as is and do not include shipping.  Quanities of items noted by them.  Please use paypal button to purchase item.  We will send you a seperate invoice for shipping.  We will combine shipping on items you purchase between my mom and I. If you haven't done so be sure to check out her blog sale at TheOldeCountryCupboard which starts tommorow night.

#215 Applique Tree Pillow $12.00

Framed Stitchery SOLD

My Country Stitchery Pillow $6.00

Country Christmas Stitchery Pillow $8.00  SOLD
Hannah Stitchery Pillow $6.00 SOLD

Rag Doll Stitchery Pillow $6.00 SOLD
Wash Day Pillow $5.00

Cat Pillows. Selling as set $6.00

Bunny Pillows. Sold as set of 3. $8.00

Mr. Grinch Stitchery Pillow $6.00 SOLD

2 Apron Stitchery Pillows. Sold as Set. $12.00

Tea Stained Stitchery Ornaments 2 Jingles Bells and 1 Snowman head available. SOLD

Each garland is approx 5ft each.  Bright Colors. Dark pink. Light pink. Green. Purple. Black.
$15.00 for all 5 garlands

7 Jesus Tears. $5.00 for All

Santa's Key's

11 Santas Keys $8.00 

Over 20 Sets of Christmas Tags $10.00 Lot #1

Over 20 Sets of Christmas Tags $10.00 Lot #2

2 bags of Angel Dust. $2.00 for both bags.

4 Tree Skirts.  The Red is 26".  The 2 Green with the Santa Claus that say noel and are 18". The blue tree skirt is also 18" with a snowman that says snow. $8.00 for all 4.

Christmas Tarts

Christmas Fantasy. 2 Tarts. $1.00 each
Santas Pipe Tarts. 28 Tarts. $1.00 each


Reindeer Poo. 1 Tart. $1.00
Candy Cane. 4 Tarts. $1.00 each
Santas Whiskers. 2 Tarts. $1.00 each


7 Gingerbread Tarts. $6.00 for all 7 tarts. SOLD

4 gingerbread men and 6 reindeer tarts.  Peanut Butter Cookie scented. This are NOT EDIBLE. $8.00 for all 10 tarts. SOLD


$5.00 for all 3 glass ornaments.  SOLD

Apron Bag Holder SOLD

Coffee Half Apron 2 Available. $8.00 Each

McCalls Apron 2 Available. $10 Each

Butterfly Apron SOLD
Paws Apron $10 SOLD
Cheetah Print Apron $8.00 SOLD
Pink & Purple Apron $8.00

XS Watermelon Apron $5.00

Dog Half Apron $6.00 SOLD
Little Girl Frog Apron $6.00

Little Girl Bunny Apron 2 Available. $6.00

FishBowl Apron $6.00

Sugar & Flour Apron $10.00 SOLD

Little Girls Bunny Apron #2. 2 Available. $6.00 Each

Christmas Stars Ruffled Apron $10.00

Candy Cane Apron $10.00 SOLD
Christmas Star Apron $10.00

Little Girls Hugs Apron SOLD
Ruffled Flower Apron $10.00 SOLD
Tree Stitchery in Frame SOLD

2 Stitchery Candle Mats $4.00 SOLD

Paul Revere Lights Covers. We use these at the show on our Christmas tree.  The lights poke through these and make them look like lamps. These are gently used. Set of 10. $5.00 SOLD
Quilted Table Cloth/Tree Skirt.  We also used this at the shows.  This quilt is round.  We used it AS a tree skirt, notice there is no slit/hole for it to be an acutally tree skirt.  This is gently used. $10.00

These are two lamps/lights. Sold as Set of 2. $10.00 SOLD
Set of 2.  Dish Towel Dress'. These fit over your oven handle, tie ribbon into bow so these towels stay on the handle. Dog Printed. $5.00

Set of 8 Dog Scarfs. Simply slip their collar through the top of the scarf.  3 XS and 5 Small $6.00

A bunch of Hairbows. Some are french barettes, alligator clips, and 2 headbands with bows. $10.00 SOLD 



auntdeedee said...

Hi Samantha...I'm trying to buy the "COUNTRY APRON" but when I click on the buy now button below it, it comes up as the christmas star apron, if i click on the buy now button above it, it then says country pear. Didn't want to check out if that one wasn't the right one listed. Is it still available?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I want some of your tags. Do I have to do a separate paypal transaction for every set I want? Thanks! ♥