Monday, March 28, 2011

40 Days 40 Bags

40 Bags 40 Days Daily List:

1. Bedroom

2. Bedroom

3. Sewing Room

4. Linen Closet

5. Bathroom

6. Pool Room

7. Living Room

8. Dining Room

9. Kitchen

10. Kitchen

11. Laundry Room

12. Front Closet

Okay, So I started doing this list and I realized I dont have 40 days worth of rooms. My house is WAY WAY too small. So I am going to go for 12 days and 12 bags! My dad is so nicely getting carpet put into my house this Wednesday. So I have had to clean out my entire bedroom, sewing rooms, and their closets. So everything is just piled in my house right now. So messy. This will give me a start on this project, sorting through things. So, therefore I am going to start this project Wednesday! Wish me luck!

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