Friday, December 10, 2010


Look at the absolutely adorable snowman
 tutorial I found from The Idea Room

Isn't He Cute?
Step #1 Make a stand for him. 
Cut out a piece of cardboard for the bottom of the stand. 
Take a sucker stick, cut off the top of it.  Glue it to the stand.

 Step #2 Take the powered donuts and stack 3 on top of eachother.

 Step #3 Take a small rope cut off about 10" of it. Tie it around his neck as a scarf.

Step #4 Take a piece of candy corn for the nose, and tiny chocolate chips for buttons.
Get pretzel, break it in half.  use each half as an arm for him.

Step # 5 Take black paper. Cute a 2" circle for brim of hat.
A 1" circle for top of hat. Then cute a 1.5" by 4.5" strip for hat. 
Glue Together.

Ta Da! He's Done! Perfect to make with your kids and for small gifts. (:

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auntdeedee said...

How cute is that???? I didn't even realize they were donuts when i first looked at him! I'll pass this along to my sis and niece. Thanks for sharing!!