Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rag Quilt Tutorial

So I made mom this rag quilt for Christmas this year. This tutorial is super simple to follow.  I finished the quilt in one weekend.  I used a total of  48 {9"x9"} squares. So what you need:
5 different patterned/colored fabrics
warm and natural fabric
spring loaded scissors

 So in order to have 48 squares, you have to cut out a total of 96 of the 5 colored fabrics. (2 per square)

 For the warm and natural you only need to cut out 48 squares bc they are going in the middle. I chose warm and natural bc it was warm and coomfy feeling.  You can you flanel, ect.

Piece it all out into the particular pattern that you want and sew together. I chose my quilt squares to be 6 x 8.   After sewn all together, you need to take your spring loaded scissors and cut super tiny slits through out all of the "raw" edges on the quilt. The more slits you cut into it the better. But becareful not to cut through your stitches.
 Once done cutting all slits into onto the edges of the seams, you have to wash it.  I wasn't sure if the colors would bleed together. So i washed it in the machine with cold water for very little time.  Then you just throw it into the dryer.  It will look better and better every time you wash it.

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