Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Baking

Mom and I did some Christmas baking last night. We made Rum balls and Chocolate covered pretzels.  Yummy... Ok heres how to make these delecious sweets..

Rum Balls:

1. 1 box vanilla wafers
2. 1 cup powered sugar

3. 4 tbsp light karo syrup

4. 1/2 cup rum or whiskey

5. 2 tbsp cocoa

6. 2 cup finely chopped pecans.

I usually buy the pecans in the baking aisle that are already packaged up finely chopped. It saves the mess of cracking pecans, shelling them, and chopping them. Super time saver. But you do have to crush up at the vanilla wafers. After the chop the pecans and crush the vanilla wafers, mix everything in the bowl together. It will be super super sticky. The easiet way to roll the mixture into small balls is to put some powered sugar on your hands so it doesn't stick to you as much. But roll them into small balls, and then roll around in powered sugar. Keep them in a air tight container.

Chocolate covered pretzels:

1. 2 Packages White Chocolate Bark
2. 1 Large bag of pretzels
3. Sprinkles

Melt white chocolate bark on low heat.  Dip pretzels and lay on to wax paper.  Sprinkle with some sprinkles.  Let them harden, then they are good enough to eat! These are super easy to make.

I found this recipe off of Life Of a Suburban Princess, Im going home and making some of these tonight.  I have a few neighbors I want to send some food gifts out to.  So I plan on making these, the pretzels, and some rumballs; wrapping them up in some celophane bags with a ribbon or two to show my neighbors how much I appreciate them. 

My favorite gift I have ever recieved? Im not too sure. I always love everything I get.  One year, when my Grandma was still here with us, she gave me a diamond dust necklace. Boy, did I love it. I wore it all the time and I still do. Its beautiful. 

The best I have ever given?  Well I can't say.  It will be a Christmas present this year for someone.  I will be posting pics of it later on with a tutorial though.

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