Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My two girls. I love them to death. Both right over a year old. Harley my mini pin and Hurley my bulldog mutt (: I wish I had more time to spend with them but I dont right now. Mom keeps them during the day for me most of the time. They either just get super bored or have anxiety when I leave for work until 5:30 everyday. When I come home my house is destroyed usually. But what can I say, they are still learning. (:

Christopher. He is so good to me. I dont know what I would do without him. (:

I've been working so hard lately on getting aprons and tarts done for these shows. This pink and green apron is actually a little girls apron. I only made a couple for the last show (McIntosh) but everyone loved them! So Im trying to get a bunch more made for the next shows. Im mostly going to focus on Christmas aprons now, I mean "Tis The Season" right? (: The shows we have are the next three weekends in a row. I work 8 to 5:30 Mon through Fri and as soon as I get home I start working on my aprons. I even use my lunch breaks every single day to work on them. So it gets tough after a while. And may I say this time change we just went through is crazy! I wake up..wide awake.. every morning at 6:30 now.. Ugh. Im still on the time schedule of thinking its 7:30 NOT 6:30!! Remember to check out my website. More new aprons and patterns will be available of their soon. My ad in Country Sampler will be coming out this month, so be looking for it. Also I have specials on eBay with patterns. eBay ID: SamanthasAccessories And also I just want to stress this to everyone. If you have ordered an e pattern from me and do not recieve from me within 24 hrs please shoot me an email telling me you haven't recieved it yet. I send them to you as soon as I see you have payed bc I know how excited you are to recieve it (: And please also check your spam and junk folder for the e patterns to. The title of the email will only ever be "e patterns" and sometimes "### e patterns".

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