Friday, November 5, 2010

I absolute love Executive Homemaker website/blog. It has so many different organizing, party, decor, holiday,bridal, blogging, ect tips on it. I could sit here and read this all day long. I found a few cute poems, and a planner I wanted to share with everyone from there. This one is an easy gift idea. Attach a cookie cutter to this poem. Its just a small little token gift, but cute (:

I thought this Snowman Poop poem was super cute. It would be super fun for kids to make. They have a turkey an reindeer poop poems also with instrucitons on how to make it. This goes right along with my reindeer food I make each year for kids at the craft shows. Kids LOVE it (:

(Executive Homemaker)

And did you realize its only 50 days until Christmas!?! I just LOVE the holidays. I love the decorating and cooking. Chris and I have quite a few people to buy for this year for Christmas. I also found this Christmas Planner. How convienent. ;)

I just joined the Hand Did Market. Any crafter who was handmade stuff can join this page. You have a send in a few photos and get juried in though. I just joined yesterday. Should be a fun experience. "The Hand Did Market"

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