Sunday, October 24, 2010


The show went great! I sold a ton of tarts, and aprons. I barely have any left. I made a bunch of tarts in pastel colors, (lavender purple, pinks, ect) and they sold great, along with my moms suggestions of weird ones like carmelized pralines and sweet potato spice. Everyone loved the pastel colors which surprised my mom a lot. Ill be adding a lot more tarts to my collection soon. My aprons also sold very well. Especially the Florida Gator ones and all of the childrens aprons are gone. Remember my e pattern sale lasts until tonight. Just go to my website Samanthas Accessories and pick out which ones you would like and just email me at . Also remember the e patterns are only $1.00 each until midnight. Thanks for such the great response on my e pattern sale.

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