Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Giveaway Starts Tmrw!

I love this fall weather don't you?? I decided to do a fall giveaway. Starts tmrw and Ends Oct 16th midnight. (Saturday.) This giveaway includes candy corn fixins, 2 country bumpkin 1 oz tarts, and a bright green spider halloween apron. ( excuse the wrinkle in the picture on the apron. Thats what I get for taking this picture at like 7am this morning and not paying attention!) The first show me and mom are doing is on Oct 23rd. McIntosh. Its a oneday show on Saturday. Ill have my:

Apron Bagholders and Aprons

Bead and Lighted Garlands
Magic Reindeer Food (for the kiddies)


1 comment:

Suburban Princess said...

Your stuff is really cute! I will look for your giveaway when it is up! Thanks!