Friday, September 10, 2010

So as I read other peoples blogs during the day, I came across this one and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this girls hair. I dont know who she is or where she is from but it was gorgeous. So this is my NEW hair style. Mom doesn't like it very much, too short for her liking. But I wanted a change and I LOVE it. I am totally blonde now. No high lights anymore. We got at the hair salon at 530 and did not leave until 945. The hairdresser overbooked majorly. 3 people for highlights at the same time. Ugh. What a way to spend our evening right.
Well I've gotten a few more bag holders done with week. I cut quite a few out, now I just need to sew them all together. I'm running out of time before my moms first show in October.
Todays to do list:
*Work at Beck
*Take my dogs for a run
*Work on bag holders and a couple aprons tonight.

Christmas Swap Entry Page I entered this Christmas swap. I think it could be tons of fun!


Sheila said...

I personally like the hair style you chose! It's something I have been trying to get my hairdresser to do with my pin straight hair. It's fine and I hate having to use a curling iron for some volume-but then again I am lots older than you-must be why she keeps talking me out of it! ;-)
Have fun sewing~

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Hey Samantha! Love your blog and have signed on to follow. You are a winner in my lastest giveaway! Pop over to my blog to see the details and please e-mail me your addy so I can get your goodies out to you!