Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Look! Look! Look! Freebies!! (:

So, First things first. Took mom to her Dr Apnt yesterday! She was so nervous, and I was for her too. So we go to the Cancer Center, go right in within 5 minutes of her apointment, so we didn't have to wait forever. We get back there in the room, and an nurse comes in, I thought she was going to start drawing blood, so I just backed up. I will pass straight out on the floor. Im so squimish. But ha. No blood. I got lucky. Haha. Doctor comes in and says. We have good news "well better news". Your not going to die!! She was cheerful about it and made you feel comfortable. She does have lymphoma in the low grade form. hey, the doc said its one of the best types of cancer to have if you have to have cancer. so that was good to hear, kinda. So, now she has to go get a bone marrow sample taken next week. Eww.. That just says pain all over it. So please pray for her that it will be alright. The Olde Country Cupboard (:

Next.. The first website I bought was alright. I was happy with it for the most part. Mom was looking online and found a new one that looks a gazzillion times better!! Samantha Accessories Please go take a look at it (:

Lastly, I've put up a few specials on Ebay..

5 Sami Stitchey Patterns Buy it Now $10.00 plus shipping

#383 Apron Stitchery Pattern Buy it Now $5.00 plus shipping

#392 Cat Silhouette Stitchery Pattern

Buy it Now $5.00 plus shipping

#393 Halloween Sillhouette Stitchery Pattern

Buy it Now $5.00 plus shipping

Also, I added two more free e patterns at the bottom of my page just for you! (:


Sheila said...

I like your new site Samantha! Good luck to you.
I have already posted on your mom's site that I will keep her in my prayers. That was good news to hear about the cancer.
Blessings to you~

TheRustyThimble said...

Samantha I will keep your mom in my prayers I love her site and patterns. Your site is looking great girl and for someone that is learning to sew I think you already have that mastered WTG!!