Sunday, August 8, 2010

So first things first! Congratulations to "The Farmers Attic" for winning my Apron Bag Holder Giveaway!! So, The Farmers Attic, please email asap with your address, and I will get this out and mailed to you. Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. I am also selling these bag holders, so feel free to email me with any question you may have at I was going to have my dog Hurley pink the name of the winner out of the bowl, but she has done nothing but sleep all day and I couldn't get her to move for anything. And I definitely couldn't get my little one Harley to do it because all she would do is probably eat the paper. Chris and I went to the gym today to work out. Well when we got back our only dish remote we have was missing. Well apparently they got bored and decided to eat it. Ugh. Just like kids. Always getting into something they aren't suppose to.

So this past weekend went absolutely wonderful. Friday night I sewed with my mom for a couple hours after I got off work from Beck. We made the apron on the very left. the Retro Pink and the green is a mini floral with smaller size flowers. It turned out great. I was so excited. I really wish I could have put this style apron in the Country Sampler ad. Both aprons here are a one size fits most. Ranges from a small to large. Saturday, we went and spent all day at Chris's moms in St. Augustine. We went shopping at Hobby Lobby (which i love) and had a yummy dinner! Today, I got time to sew another apron, the John Deere one on the right hand side. I think that one is so cute! I also got time to start a matching John Deere bag holder, but then I ran out of fabric. Looks like it's time to go shopping again! (:


Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Congrats to the Farmers Attic!! Thank you Samantha for hosting this great giveaway. Love the pink apron.

The Olde Country Cupboard said... the pictures,just one thing need to put the white buttons on. these will be great just like this for the website.
can't wait to go shopping with you.

Cyn said...

Wonderful aprons!!!