Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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full name:Samantha Schmidt
nickname:Sam, Big Skinny
birth date:june fifteenth
birthplace:gainesville, fl
zodiac sign:gemini..the twin..
age:20 years young
sex:very much so a female
hair color:blondie
eye color:green
height:five foot two inches
make up or no make up:definetly make up
eyespiercings:only my ears
tattoo:yes. two. gemini sign and butterfly.
body type:skinny/athletic
long hair or short hair:short
do believe in yourself:a b s o l u t e l y
are you a heath freak:more like health conscious
do you regret anything:most definitelybut they're just lessons learned right?
animals:two. mini pincher and my mutt hurley
current location :small town. starke.
top six words to describe yourself best:(sometimes)shy.(sometimes)
favorite number:3
favorite quote:"who are you to judge the life i live?i know i'm not perfect...and i don't live to be.but before you start pointing fingers...make sure your hands are clean."bob marley
favorite day:saturday
favorite month:september
favorite year:2010 so far
favorite holiday:christmas
favorite color:pink//green
favorite video console:n64
favorite electronics:iphone//laptop
favorite entertainer:dane cook
food:mozzerella sticks
favorite drink:cherry limeade
favorite dessert:cheesecake
favorite candy:sour airheads snickers twix
favorite fruit:blueberry apple
favorite veggie:green bean
favorite store:target
favorite animal:dog
favorite pizza:supreme
chocolate or vanilla:chocolate
scary movies or funny movies:scaryyyy
hot chocolate or coffee:hott chocolate
do you love roller coasters:yes but i get sick
would you ever jump out of a plane:no question...i've wanted to do this forever

wow i deleted over have of the questions. its wayy to long. I decided to put this on here because everyone who reads my blog knows absolutely nothing about me. only that i'm 20, and like to sew, and my mom taught. well this got a little more in depth. so I want to know more about everyone who reads my blog too! And yes the nickname "Big Skinny" my weightlifting coach gave me that nickname in highschool and stills calls me it to this day!

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